Great job!

Proud to be a part of a unique profession.

Today Ashley & I did something we might not have ever had the opportunity to do before. We spent all day at an auction that neither of us were working! As the Choices Life Resource Center building gets closer to completion it seemed a good idea to think about purchasing the office desks, chairs, file cabinets and such for the new digs. Ashley started the process weeks ago. She discussed this upcoming auction with the Choices board of directors. After receiving a retail quote of over $20,000 the fine supporters of this ministry can rest assured that their gifts are managed well. This new center will be outfitted with very nice, quality, used furniture that looks new but cost less than half of retail. Auctioneers are the original recyclers, the original environmentalists.

Ashley & I arrived at 9:45AM and stayed until 5:15PM. Over 1,000 lots were sold and put back to use. Kudos to James Lagesse of Lagesse Auctions, LLC for keeping the auction moving and doing a top notch, professional job. If you ever find yourself in the market for quality office furniture, reach out to James at in Fort Worth. James and his staff have an auction every three weeks. I am proud to say that Alliance Auctioneers home office has top end furniture that was acquired from Lagesse Auctions. Great job James and crew!